What Readers Say

These stories couldn’t have come at a better time. I needed to read them today. I hope Fear.less gets enormous attention because it’s life-changing.

Cutting to the essence interviews rich in practical insight and zero BS.

OMG. I want to print these out, pore over them, underline them & post them on my walls

Fear.less is unlike anything else and in a class by itself! It is inspiring and it gives you zero room to throw yourself a pity party. It’s a collection of unique voices and is a lifestyle, not just a magazine.

You stand alone in your authenticity and singular voice. It’s a treasure to read and pass along. It’s stuff that matters without the fluff.

More compelling than Oprah or Yoga Journal. The stories are better written and truly inspiring. Honest and moving.

Fear.less is raw. It talks about the primal fear we all have that keeps us from doing our best. I’ve never read something that so overtly deals with such a taboo topic.

TED meets blog world. Something readable at work when video streaming has been blocked. A college lecture at the comfort of my desk, inspiring me to be who I was meant to be and not someone who conforms to others’ norms.

I love Fear.less because of its clarity and pureness of message. It’s a connection to the rest of us. It’s like Chicken Soup for the Soul, but for entrepreneurs and initiators.

Fear.less is in a space all its own. The inspiring and challenging quality of the content is like Reader’s Digest on massive steroids – in the best way possible.

Every month I forward it to at least ten of my friends!

Fear.less is the first publication I’ve found that deals so overtly with fear and I love it! The content is unique and valuable.

Self help meets kick your butt in a fresh, new way. The articles and stories really help me get back up, keep going, and give me the motivation to do the things I want to do in life.

Far superior to the tonic for the masses!

To be honest, fear.less is truly unique – simple, powerful and acutely focused on a provocative new topic of conversation – facing fear. I believe all other pursuits & dreams take flight after you’ve tackled this particular issue – and it’s a very personal one – which is why I am pleased to see you’re offering such diverse perspectives on the topic.

It’s like a letter from a good friend.

Fear.less is like Fast Company meets Oprah, plus New Yorker interviews with a good mix of Success Magazine blurbs!

Fear.less is the only magazine I make the time to read because it is so inspiring. It appeals to both the business and spiritual side of me. Keep it coming!

Fear.less is a new way of relating to others, and finding out how to best cope with challenges that are too fearful to say out loud.

Wow. Real, emotional issues tackled at a level like no one else. No one comes close to doing what you do.

Fear.less is like if entrepreneur blogs and The New Yorker had a baby.

I wasn’t looking for a inspirational magazine when I came across Fear.less. But when I read it, I loved it and its been so helpful. I’m not looking for anything else now!

It helps me realize I’m not the only one who feels fear.

I feel transformed and inspired by the interviewees – like I’m looking into their soul and have gotten to “know” them. I feel privileged to glean all of the wisdom from their life experience.