Procrasteroids. Floating in space? Jar yourself into action.

September 15, 2011

I will put a better picture and also think of a new procrastination joke later.

That title is really hard to say.

Procrastination is just another name for fear that we HAVE to eventually face. When you’re postponing what you have to get done, what you have to get done probably entails leaving your comfort zone.

Have you ever, once in a while, received the impulse to act from absolutely nowhere, and it struck you like a rock from space? You suddenly feel the urge to do something two, three, fourteen days before you absolutely have to. What I find when this happens is that the task I was fearing to do wasn’t even that bad.

A lot of Fear.less contributors like Tom Kelly and Suzanne Matthiessen endorse brain training and constant reminders, so if you want to apply that to real life, try it on procrastination. I have a tough time doing anything twice – I fear the second incident as much as the first, and feel somehow exempt from the second because I’ve already done it once, like I’ve paid my debt or something. For me, it would be really helpful if I could always manage to convince myself that paperwork/exercise/reading/breathing is not really that bad. It’s just uncomfortable, for a little while. But responsible.

If you go down this neural-networking road you will be fighting an inner battle, with a lot of drama but little action, and you may fight it in your bed when you’ve awakened or at your desk as the minutes tick away. But maybe, just maybe, you can summon a hit from the asteroid and get to work. It’s almost inexplicable because how exactly it’s caused, well, no one knows. How disingenuous of me to post about it. But I think you should try anyway, and if I were to try and put a word or two on this phenomenon I would call it distilled willpower. Just start. It comes so much more smoothly after the first word or the first breath.

How to practice: Be dry, go to pool, get on high diving board. Wait.

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