Communication Breakdown. Be careful when fighting fear by phone.

September 29, 2011


Sometimes you may find that people who are important to you are far away.

Communication is a vital way of overcoming fear, but it’s a big world and the ways we can communicate across vast distances are imperfect.

You can’t send a hand to put on someone’s shoulder through the phone, and it’s hard to sit and listen like a good friend over email without seeming disinterested or busy. Your cues that show understanding, humor, and despair are translated to a more constricted language.

Our normal signals need reconsideration. As always, though, honesty prevails.

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Ritu Gupta October 18, 2010 at 9:41 pm

I agree with this completely, communcation in all aspects of life is so important. As well as showing support for those things/people you care about. I am a strong believer in that and try to incorperate that into my everyday life. It often helps to become “fearless”


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