What Your Body Tells You About Fear

February 15, 2012

Have you ever felt “iffy” about a business decision or life choice? Like you thought you didn’t want to do something but maybe it was really your fear talking? Yep, I have. Have you ever felt severe physical pain and had to learn to manage your body’s needs but didn’t know how?

Navjit Kandola has been there and back. She’s a life strategist, speaker, filmmaker and consultant, and her presence calms you right down when you talk to her. It’s the reason I invited her to Fear.less and why we talked for almost two hours. Navjit’s practiced her entire life with fear and intuition, and how to use the energy of how you want to feel to create your best life. She knows how tricky fear is – how it shows up in ways we don’t see and how it messes with our bodies. She also knows how to recognize these things to heal.

Our two-part interview series is below. Be sure to watch both videos as you’ll learn different things in each. (They’re Quicktime files and if they don’t open for you, please try a different browser.)


How to dismiss what you should feel to how you WANT to feel. (The most important question you’ll ever ask)

*How to feel safe and make other people feel safe around you

*How to perceive what your body wants underneath your fear

*How fear moves aside once it serves its purpose

*The reason people are afraid of happiness

*How to stay in financial abundance and stop grasping for money (I get personal here with my own fears about money)


After a terrible accident last year, Navjit coped with severe physical pain and reveals for the first time, how she healed. Two people in the accident died and Navjit and her son were badly burned. She gives us details about the accident and how she’s recovering.

*How to deal with pain you’re not sure will ever end

*How to create a stable environment for someone in pain (Navjit had to create safety for her 2-yr old son who was badly burned)

*How to create a new identity after an accident and how to not let it become your defining moment

*How to connect to a place pain can’t touch.

*How to come back with “code” that helps you navigate your life and empathize with others

*How to be your own advocate and be active in healing, even during suffering

*How to keep the right people around you when in deep pain

*How to maintain your body and mind so it’s ready when you recover

I’m so grateful to talk to someone as smart and humble as Navjit, and it’s people like her I like to keep around. She reminds us that even in our most painful moments, we have a strength and wisdom that allows us to come back bigger, stronger, and with more depth.

I hope you enjoy it and if you do, please leave a comment below for me or Navjit to check out – we’d love to hear your thoughts or if you’ve experienced something similar.