Can Depression Be Cured Naturally With TMS?

Can Depression Be Cured Naturally With TMS?

Clinical depression may be aptly described as a condition of health where the mood is persistently depressed and there is a gradual loss of interest in the daily activities which eventually leads to a huge affliction in life. Clinical depression might be cured by a lot of techniques which involve the use of medical and medical pieces of equipment. On the other hand, there is also a natural cure for depression. One of the most important techniques that can be used to cure depression is the technique of TMS or Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.

What Does TMS Do?

TMS or Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is a technique that makes use of magnetic fields which can be used to stimulate the nerve cells which are present within the brain in order to make the symptoms of depression better. It is a non-invasive process. The transcranial magnetic stimulation process is majorly used when other methods of curing depression have not been very effective on the body. Other treatments such as medication and therapy are the initial treatments that are disposed to every patient who has been witnessing the symptoms of depression. Otherwise being a treatable disease, depression for some people can be tricky and traditional methods don’t work, hence rTMS cannot be used.

What Is The Procedure Of rTMS?

During a session of transcranial magnetic stimulation, there is an electromagnetic coil used which is placed against the forehead of the patient. There are certain nerve cells in the brain that are responsible for creating depression, so once this coil is placed, it will send magnetic impulses to the side of the brain where the cells are present –responsible for creation of depression. The decreased activity of the brain cells that have reduced due to depression increases after this process. The stimulation created by the magnetic impulse leads to casting an effect on the cells of the brain and impacts the working which eventually leads to improving the mood of the human.

What Are The Risks Involved In Using rTMS?

The procedure does not need any sort of invasion into the body such as any surgery or implanting the electrodes. The rTMS also does not require any sort of seizures or any intake of anaesthesia. The overall process is considered to be very safe and can be tolerated very well by the patient. Yet, there are a few sets of side effects that may be faced by a patient commonly and another set of side effects which may not be very common, but possible.

  • Headache and Seizures
  • Discomfort in the scalp at the point of stimulation
  • Twitching, tingling, and spasm in the muscles
  • Feeling of light-headedness
  • Mania which might occur in people having bipolar disorders
  • In cases of insufficient protection during treatment, hearing loss might occur.

Preparing Oneself For A Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation:

In order to prepare oneself for a session of transcranial magnetic stimulation, a person needs to get himself examined physically through a series of lab tests and psychiatrically in order to elucidate the condition of depression. In case of any conditions such as pregnancy , provision of any medical devices within the body, intake of any regular medications, seizure history, health disorder, damage of brain from injury or illness, condition of severe headaches, a prior history with rTMS, a person should immediately inform the doctor who can thereafter guide him further on the process of rTMS.

What Happens During The rTMS Treatment?

  • The rTMS treatment can be performed on a person being an outpatient as it does not need any invasion techniques, neither does it require any sort of anaesthesia to be given to the patient who makes it safe for him to drive himself to work or home after the appointment.
  • A series of sessions are needed for treatment, which can be a daily session every week, occurring five times in a week and extending from four weeks to six weeks.
  • When a person visits the doctor for his first treatment, the doctor identifies the area on the head of the person where it will be most suitable to place the electromagnetic coil. The length of the first appointment is generally up to an hour.
  • After making the patient sit and placing the electromagnetic coil around his forehead, the patient begins to hear tapping sounds on the forehead and this process continues for more than half an hour.
  • Post each treatment, a person can return to his daily activities in a normal manner

Post the transcranial magnetic stimulation process, the standard cure for depression can be meted out to the patients as auxiliary treatments. This can also be covered by various health insurance companies.

Natural Cure For Depression:

The following are the major steps that may be counted as the natural cure for depression:

  • Making a Routine:
    In case of depression a person needs to build a routine for themselves, as being involved in a routine will make you realize a little of your problems and eventually one day will transform into another and so on.
  • Make Goals:
    Depression is such a disease that it takes away the very essence of having goals and achieving them. The idea is to counter this emotion by setting goals for themselves. The idea is to set small goals in the beginning and keep proceeding by setting bigger and better goals.
  • Healthy Food And Diets:
    There is no diet that technically cures depression. However during the depression, one tends to forget the amount of food that they have been consuming. Hence it is important to take control of the diet and make sure to eat healthy foods. Foods with omega-3 and folic acid have known to be effective in somewhat curing depression.
  • Getting Sleep:
    Although the loss of sleep and intensity of depression can be correlated, yet creating a regular sleeping pattern for oneself can be of great help. One should make alterations to their lifestyle and try to sleep peacefully without any distractions. Also one should make sure to make a routine of sleeping and getting up the next day.

The symptoms of depression can be cured by using rTMS as well as a natural cure for depression. It requires a lot of endeavour on the side of the patient to stay strong, adopt a routine and work towards building a better, healthy self.