Fear hurts. It is responsible for a lot that goes wrong in our lives: confusion, self-denial, paralysis. When we are disappointed to the point of inaction, when we withhold our potential, when we refuse to be who we are, fear of failure and judgment is at the core. There are many shades of fear, but they all cripple us and threaten the life of fulfillment we deserve to lead.

At Fear.less, our patience with fear has run out. What we’ve found most helpful in dealing with it is to see the detailed experiences of all sorts of people who have gone what we all go through and come out triumphant on the other side, to prove that fear doesn’t have to win and that it really shouldn’t have a chance at all. Open, honest lessons are easy to learn and to apply to your own life.

This site is where we share our findings with you depression treatments without pills near West Los Angeles. We update weekly with interviews and meditations on fear, ranging from how to start something scary to how to gain a better perspective to how to accept yourself. In between, we’ll give you whatever else we find: the video, website or resource that might change everything. And we won’t overwhelm you with information – we’re careful about what and when we post and our content is always here for you to check out whenever you’re ready. Fear is intense; take your time with the guidance and tools you get here.

Our mission is to provide you with deep, satisfying, platitude-free content to fill the mental toolbox you use to deal with fear. By reading Fear.less, you’ll get the tools you need to stay locked on to your dreams and your purpose. We don’t think that there is one magic solution for everyone; we keep the content flowing so you can find what works for you.

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Ishita Gupta is...

Ishita Gupta is Founder and Publisher of Fear.less Magazine. She curates and runs this here blog with the awesome team below. She works with authors to market their books, speaks and writes on entrepreneurship, marketing, publishing, and overcoming fear and is building an online business. Read more about Ishita here.

Matt Atkinson is...

Matt Atkinson is Executive Editor of Fear.less and writes all of the awesome content you see here. If you find a great article or resource, you can be sure Matt's behind it. He writes our newsletter and does so quite fearlessly, and manages our social media. Matt also writes/consults for independent clients and publications. Email Matt here.

Jason Ramirez is...

Jason Ramirez is the designer and vision behind our Fear.less site. His design skillz are the reason we’ve stuck with him for two years – he designed most of the stellar PDF’s you see in the archives and we love him. Even if he does look like a lumberjack. You can see more of Jason’s work here.

Pooja Lohana is...

Pooja Lohana is editorial content manager at Fear.less. She works on the interviews and stories you see here. Pooja is a software engineer turned writer and editor at several publications and has ghost-written three non-fiction books. She blogs here and is passionate about personal development and all things books.

Emil Lamprecht is...

Emil Lamprecht is a marketer, producer, and editor of the many fear.less interviews you see. His idea of dealing with Fear is to chase it down, invite it out to dinner, and then try to get it drunk. You can follow his ramblings and 40+ hobbies here.

Willie Jackson is...

Willie Jackson helps with Fear.less website and answers (patiently) the technical questions Ishita has on a daily basis. He moved to New York City in January of 2011 to do work that matters, and hasn't had a "real job" since April of 2010. Holla.