How to get real self confidence without

faking it or getting scared

Self confidence is something I need to survive. As an entrepreneur, I need LARGE amounts of it just to make it through a week. But I don’t just need confidence, I want it. It feels good when I write a post despite my fear, give a speech despite nerves, wear my heels and feel like a million bucks. You’ve felt it too. Genuine self confidence is the best feeling in the world and when you have it, you want to keep it.

But we don’t always feel confident, right?

Most times we not only feel under-confident, we feel pretty terrible, especially in situations like these

  1. You’re at a meeting when your Boss asks for opinions. You stare at your iPad hoping she doesn’t look at you. Suddenly Meg pipes up and says exactly what you were thinking. Boss lights up. You curse Meg. You hate yourself for not saying what you thought when you thought it.
  2. Your friend gets a book deal. My peers, ambitious as they are, run 7 figure businesses, write bestsellers, and help people. Love them but WTF. You compare yourself and say, “But how did she do that at 26 – It’s impossible?!”
  3. You’re at a party. People are talking, “networking.” You are not. You’re thinking, “How come it come so easy for them? Are they that much cooler than me? BloggersReally?” You forget for a second that you also blog and head for the chips.
  4. A gorgeous human walks by. You stare. You’re not jealous per se, but can’t help wonder why you weren’t born with better genes. (And why your mom failed to marry that Spanish bloke instead of your dad.)

Feeling even mildly self-conscious or doubtful is so uncomfortable it turns us into envious, judgmental, indignant folks - ”Why can’t I just be successful, make tons of cash, have it come easy, be glorious?”


I spent years afraid to be myself, to be a beginner, afraid to switch careers. Overwhelmed by insecurity and riddled with self doubt, I couldn’t feel good for myself, let alone someone else. There came a point so painful that I hid and sabotaged good opportunities that still make me cringe. Even though I was smart and ambitious, I just didn’t understand why my life didn’t feel good.


I used to make bad ones…

Until I realized that I had the self confidence of a squished grape. That I was missing this feeling of walking through the world comfortable in my own skin, believing in my abilities, and feeling ownership of my life. It got so bad that I vowed to learn confidence my way, not “faking it” but doing whatever I had to to uncover the mystery of confidence. I wanted to feel it for real.

So I practiced for years with different tools and beliefs, learned what made ME feel confident, interviewed hundreds of people for Fear.less Magazine, started a coaching business based on confidence, worked with clients on it, and read thousands of emails from readers asking about how to feel good about themselves. I was a ruthless student of confidence but I wanted to be a ninja.

And after all that, I now know this:

  • Fear and confidence are the most important topics in the world to humans. Every single one of us struggles with how to get less of the first and more of the second every single day.
  • Confidence is the root of everything good: successful product launches, harmonious families.
  • Confidence is 100% attainable and learn-able. You can learn it and be good at it.
  • No one but you knows what you are here to do or why. Only you know the right answers.

These facts changed my life and I spent every day of the last ten years learning them.

Screw good biology, confidence was learnable.

I got results:

  • I used to be scared literally all the time. Now I have much more fun in my life.
  • I used to think life was uphill, requiring massive effort. Now I know life isn’t all struggle.
  • I used to manage my emotions horribly, if at all. Now I can clearly express myself.
  • I used to react poorly in uncomfortable situations. Now I have the ability to stay + work through it. This single skill has changed my life.
  • I used to fight with my family constantly. Now they offer me tons of emotional support.
  • I used to feel like shit all the time for not speaking my truth. Now I feel so good when I express my desires that other people ask me how they can do the same.


Speaking my truth loud and proud. It’s time to speak yours.

I now have lasting and supercharged confidence. YOU CAN TOO.


How to get it and how to keep it. How to stand up for yourself and get a clear, strong sense of who you are so you can live without feeling insecure. I’ll give you everything I’ve learned about feeling good no matter what’s happening around you. We’ll break through years of mental patterns and the effects of well-intentioned but WRONG people whom you’ve listened to. If you grew up criticized or shamed at being yourself, we’ll work on that, because it needs to be worked out. Freedom comes from working on the uncomfortable stuff.


  • How to build and strengthen your core, even if you’re scared. Especially if you’re scared.
  • How to dial-up your quirks and not be afraid to show it to the world.
  • How to learn what works for you – your particular type of confidence and where to get it.
  • How to unlearn negative beliefs that deplete your confidence without you knowing it.
  • Why you’re not your past, parents, or your circumstances + how to get confidence despite them.
  • Why how you behave might be creating less confidence, not more.
  • Why imitating others creates more fear for you, and why you feel like shit when you do it.
  • Exercises to boost your confidence
  • How to stop feeling guilty about saying NO and how to do it gracefully
  • How to believe and know at a real level that you can have what you want.

I’ll be candid, uncensored, raw.

Because if I can do it, you definitely can.

The only reason I’m teaching this course is to show you that you can be 100% self confident – the smartest, sexiest, most confident person in your life. Confident people aren’t born that way, they practice it. We will too. Take advantage of my mistakes, my lessons, to see that confidence can be yours. I want you to stop letting insecurities drive you and see that your old ways aren’t working.

It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen. You CAN light up a room when you walk in, pitch your business like a pro, have that app that launches successfully, you just have to practice confidence.


  1. The course runs for four weeks and meets every Wednesday evening on the phone/Skype for 60 minutes: 45 min content + 15 min Q&A. Join live because the Q&A is magic and I get super specific with your questions. If you can’t make it, I’ll send you a recording, just make sure to sign up below with your primary email address so we know where to send it.
  2. You’ll have access to a private Facebook group specifically for Confidence Course + I’ll show up to answer questions and give you good juju.
  3. Class starts April 17th.


This course is specifically designed for you if you want a little boost of confidence or a lot of it. It doesn’t matter your profession or life stage, or if you’re a student, aspiring business owner, failed business owner, have zero confidence, or just want more tips to add to your arsenal. All of us want confidence and all of us can have it. It doesn’t matter to me if five of you or five thousand of you join, it is THAT important that you learn how to be confident in yourself. If you join, you will not be disappointed.

And if you’re unhappy, you get 100% of your money back

no questions asked.

The cost of the course is $225, including recordings of each call for you to keep. 

My one-hour coaching sessions run $200/hour and here you’ll get four hours with me for only $125. That’s a steal because the class will never be as affordable as it is now. If you’re thinking about it, I encourage you to sign up while you can still save.

If you sign up, you’ll get automatic upgrades to the course whenever I make them, so new information you’ll get for free, with unlimited access.

Don’t sign up if you think this is easy. What I’ll tell you will give you some fast results, but you have to practice. Four weeks is just the beginning. You may feel uncomfortable, but that’s okay. You’ll be in a safe environment with me + a group of people who want to learn the same thing. If this is scary and counter-intuitive, that’s a good sign.
Every great work of art, every great book, all the inspiration you come across every day was put out by someone scared shitless at some point. Who knows what you can produce if you have the guts to believe in yourself.

YOU CAN DO IT. But you need to start somewhere.

To sign up for the course, click the link below and you’ll be directed to a buy page. On that page, please include all relevant information as well as your primary email address so I can get in touch with you if I need to. I tried to make this as simple as possible, so I hope it is.


Last time I did a webinar, 1000+ people signed up and 500 joined. That was exciting. I’ll show you how confidence has changed my life, because there’s too much self-doubt in the world for me to keep it all to myself.

If this sounds like you, sign up above. And if you have any questions, email Tracy at or Don’t panic, just email me and we’ll talk.

Sending you a huge dose of confidence,

xx Ishita